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Half hour private 



Full hour private 



Full hour group

  $50 each



Additional Services

Training Sessons

Half hour



Full hour 






Non-Lesson Trailer In Fees
Leasing Prices 

Per ride



Per month 






Half (up to 3 rides x week)



Full (up to 5 rides x week) 






Horse Transportation









- One LESSON included per month!!!!

- Top quality feed & hay provided twice daily

- Fresh water provided throughout the day

- Stall cleaned daily

- Group or individual turnout weather permitting

- Supplements/ medical care administered as needed 




- All benefits of full care board

- Includes 2 lessons per week

* Choice of 2 lessons, 2 training rides, or a combination of both * 




- All benefits of full care board 

- Includes 4 lessons per week

* Choice of 4 lessons, 4 training rides, or a combination of both * 

Full Care Board
Training Board
Training Board Plus

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